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Relax and enjoy your WEEKEND WEDDING

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If you have been searching for a perfect woods and water backdrop for your special day, come visit our farm. Mother nature provides music with the wind through the alder trees, the birds singing their song and the crickets playing harmony. The magic of the sun bouncing off Barker Creek is sure to have your guests thanking you for the invitation. Alpaca, goats, bunnies and chickens will bring a unique element of joy and wonder to your guests.

Wondering how you will be able to get everything done in a traditional 10am-10pm venue? Relax, take your time. When you book your wedding with us, you get the farm for the weekend; Friday at 2pm- Sunday at noon. Plenty of time to mingle with your loved ones as you celebrate your union. Our farmhouse accommodates up to 8 overnight guests and can be added to your package to provide lodging for yourself or out-of-town guests. 

Set on beautiful Barker Creek, Courter Country Farm presents a stunning landscape for your outdoor wedding. The farm and gardens are perfect for an elegant wedding or a more relaxed blue jean and boots style wedding. . Your imagination is the only limit to what can be created with this stunning canvas.

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