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Coming to stay on the farm and want to bring Fido? No problem! However, it may be hard to explore the area with pup in tow. We are happy to pet-sit for a few hours or the day. We have both indoor (for house-trained dogs) and fenced outdoor areas. Let us keep an eye on your best-friend while you go play.  $10/hr our better yet, $25/day.

Dog-Sitting by the Day or Hour

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please bring enough food for your dog for the time frame you plan to leave them. We do not want your dog getting ill from a change in diet. Your dog will most likely want to play and will come home showing signs of a really good time. If you don't want your dog getting dirty, this may not be the best place to have your dog hangout. DOGS MUST BE FRIENDLY AND NOT EXCESSIVE BARKERS. 

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