31 Day Homestead Challenge

It all starts with growing that first tomato plant on the patio, right? Next thing you know you are knee deep in 3 pound zucchinis. And then, you decide to go all in with chickens, both laying and meat birds. And let's not forget the pig you just had to raise for your own bacon.

What to do with all this food? Eat it! And I am not talking just an occasional salad. I am talking only eating from the farm. My husband, Kevin (who does all our cooking) and I have accepted the 31 Day Homestead Challenge. For the month of August we will be living 100% off the farm. Ok, maybe not 100%, but pretty dang close.

On our farm we grow many types of vegetables and have planted a few fruit trees that are still only a few years old and not bearing a ton of fruit yet. We also have strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. We have chickens and a Kinder goat who produces about a quart of milk a day. In addition to chicken, we raise meat rabbits. I don't think we will starve.

But did I mention, I have a terrible sugar addiction? If only I could plant a row of chocolate chip cookies!

I originally got this idea from a great book I read called Farm City In this incredibly humorous, yet thoughtful book, the author challenges herself to eat only from the plot of produce she raises on a vacant lot next to her urban home. I love how she gets creative and allows herself to consume items she is able to trade for her produce as a means to vary her diet for the month a little bit.

For our personal challenge, we will not be trading for food but we will be using olive oil, salt and pepper and this year, white vinegar for our cheese. Perhaps next year, we can learn to make apple cider vinegar and try it in our goat milk to curdle our cheese.

Follow along as we learn new recipes, navigate social situations and ward off those sugar cravings. Cheers, from the farm!

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