Life is yummier on the farm.

Our farm is not only a peaceful place to visit, but it is also a working homestead that provides us with year round meals. We strive to raise healthy plants and animals, who in turn, provide for our sustenance.


It all started with sneaking in six chicks into our old housing development. We were smitten. While the neighbors were not crazy about it, we were hooked. Soon we found our farm and the chicks were given 20 acres to roam.  Those fluffy fur balls grew and began supplying us with fresh eggs. We are now up to over 60 chickens and have not tired of the gifts they give us.

We started our farm in 2014. Just last week we finished fencing the chickens in to contain them "somewhat". Up until now, the produce we have grown (or should I say, tried to grow) ended up being eaten by grateful chickens. We have managed to hide some tomatoes, brussel sprouts, cabbages and the start of an asparagus crop from their inquiring pecking.

Besides the chickens, we currently have five Nigerian Dwarf Goats who provide for hours of entertainment. While one of our does just kidded 4 weeks ago, I have not yet tried my hand at milking her. Soon. I can't wait to try my hand at goat cheese.

In addition to the chickens and goats, we are about to make BACON. Yes, we have two pigs ready for bacon, Barbie and Que.


Don't worry, they won't bother you. They are too busy looking for pollen. This is our first year with them. In September, we should be getting our first honey. Mmm


We have a few hops planted and look forward to brewing our own brew with grain from our farm. While this will not be for sale to the public, we just wanted to brag for a minute. As the bumper sticker on our truck says, " No farms, No beer".


As our guests can tell you, Kevin makes some of the best apple butter around. Our farm has a variety of fruit trees which supply us with the raw goods for Kevin to whip up magic in the kitchen. Salted Caramel Apple Butter, oh my!

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